Abbreviated rules of league play

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Overview of key points and most asked-about rules (revised Mar 1, 2011):

  1. Games / Matches

    Games are 21/21/15, unless otherwise decided.
    All games are capped, meaning no win by two rule.

    Switch sides on accumulation of 10 points between the two teams on the 21 point games.
    Switch sides on accumulation of 7 points between the two teams on the 15 point games.
    If both teams agree in advance on another method for switching, this is also acceptable.

    Games are timed, depending on start, anticipated light, etc.
    The CBVA Night Coordinator has final say on match durations.

  2. Setting

    A set over the net is only permitted when the player is COMPLETELY SQUARE with the ball’s resulting path unless you are setting your partner. (see 9.2 & 9.3 of CBVA rules). Each team is expected to call their own faults. If there is a dispute, please reserve the ball.

  3. Blocking

    In 2′s, a block is considered one of your three contacts.
    In 3′s or 4′s, a block is not considered a contact.
    Blocking a serve is not permitted.

  4. Antennas / Out of bounds

    We do not use antennas on our nets. Inside the post standards is considered “live”.

  5. Court set-up

    Players are kindly requested to help put up and take down the nets, remember we are a volunteer-run organization and help from our players makes all the difference! Please be early if you are playing the first match of the night so nets can go up and games start on time. Please remember to take down nets if you are the last match playing.

  6. Weather policy

    Due to the often variable and rapidly changing weather conditions, we ask players to show up for their scheduled matches. A group decision will be made at the courts.

    Should the group decide to play, all non-attending teams will be charged the standard default fees.

    On occasion, the CBVA board will make a decision regarding extraordinary weather conditions and league night(s) may be cancelled with a posting on the website by 5:00 p.m.

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