Spring Registration opens Mar 1.

Session runs May 1 to Jun 29.

See below for individual league registration times.

Session 1: May 1 to Jun 29
(registration opens Mar 1)

Session 2: Jul 3 to Aug 31
(registration opens Jun 1)

Leagues: 6:30 pm to dusk
(setup starts at 6 pm)

Staggered Registration Times:

Monday Co-ed Reverse 2s: 9:00 am

Sunday Co-ed Reverse 2s: 10:00 am

Tuesday & Wednesday Men’s 2s: 11:00 am

Tuesday & Wednesday Women’s 2s: 12:00 pm

Tuesday Open 4s: 1:00 pm

Thursday Co-ed 3s: 2:00 pm

* A default deposit is required to play in our leagues. The rate is $10/match missed. If a team defaults three or more nights in one session they risk being replaced by a team on the waiting list. Unused default deposit will be refunded at the end of season. Subs should be of equal or lesser caliber than your team players.

Join the Team!

As a non-profit organization, CBVA is always looking for members and volunteers to help out. Lots of perks! If interested, please contact volunteer@cbva.ca

Serving the beach volleyball community

Serving the beach volleyball community: