We notify team captains of schedule updates through email. If you are not getting our email updates, make sure that you notify us of your correct email address. Also, you can add scheduler@cbva.ca to your address book to ensure that our emails are not placed in your junk folder. Depending on what browser you are using you may have to refresh this page to get the latest schedules and standings.
Co-ed Doubles Monday 2's Standings Standings
Co-ed Doubles Monday 2's Schedule Schedule
Co-ed 4s 4's Standings Standings
Co-ed 4s 4's Schedule Schedule
Womens Women's Standings Standings
Womens Women's Schedule Schedule
Mens Men's Standings Standings
Mens Men's Schedule Schedule
Triples 3's Standings Standings
Triples 3's Schedule Schedule
Here is an example of how to record your scores for a match. If team 1 won the first game 21-18, lost the second game 12-21, and won the third game 15-9, it should look like this:
Team 1 21 12 15
Team 2 18 21 9
It also helps us out if you can circle the winning team (or both if there was a tie).
If you don't see the latest schedule, please try reloading this page, or restarting you browser. If a week is rained out in Coed 2's, Coed 3's or Coed 4's we will play that weeks schedule the next week. If a week is rained out in Men's 2's or Women's 2's we will not always play it the next week. It will depend on the other 2's night rainout status. If we retier one night, the other night must also be retiered. Even if they have played only one week. Questions about the schedules? You can contact the league scheduler.

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As a non-profit organization, CBVA is always looking for members and volunteers to help out. Lots of perks! If interested, please contact volunteer@cbva.ca

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